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TransCanada Highway – Sarcee Trail Interchange Update

Though construction is still ongoing, Trinity is pleased to announce that the TransCanada Highway (TCH) – Sarcee Trail Interchange project is moving towards completion.
Traffic is now temporarily shifted to the outside ramps until the construction work in the center is completed. This includes:

  • The pedestrian underpass
All remaining underground utility work
  • The center roundabout

  • Access to Medicine Hill and adjacent communities.

The north side of TransCanada Highway is also still underway, including finishing an improved westbound entrance ramp.
Due to the construction, there will be rotating short duration lane closures and traffic delays. These closures and delays will facilitate the final paving and road marking work throughout the month of August. All ramps and accesses are tentatively planned to be open by late August.
Our construction teams work diligently to minimalize the lane closures as much as possible to ensure the least amount of inconvenience to Calgary commuters.
We will have access to the Medicine Hill community open to the public by late 2018.

Bridge Rehabilitation Temporary Conditions

Following the completion of the current interchange work in August, the roadway over the existing Sarcee Trail overpass bridge will have some temporary conditions in place. These conditions will be limited to the bridge deck and its approaches, and consist of:

  • Two lanes for all southbound traffic
  • One lane for northbound traffic into Bowness, and
  • One lane for northbound traffic destined for the westbound TransCanada Highway.

This temporary condition will be in place until The City commences work on the planned rehabilitation project for this bridge. This work is tentatively scheduled for the 2018 construction season and The City will undertake additional temporary traffic accommodation measures to facilitate the work during that time.
We want to keep everyone informed on any updates to the project, so once more definitive dates and further temporary traffic accommodation measures are determined, information will be sent out.
For more information on this upcoming rehabilitation project, please visit www.calgary.ca or call 311.
Updated August 2017

Improving traffic flow

Improvements proposed for the Trans Canada Highway and Sarcee Trail Interchange will facilitate access to Trinity Hills development and improve the functionality of the existing interchange.

Trinity to fund improvements at TransCanada Highway and Sarcee Trail interchange

Trinity Development Group is working with the City of Calgary to fund and construct improvements to the interchange at Sarcee Trail and TransCanada Highway.
A key goal of the project improvements is to improve flow through of traffic in the area, and ensure that the Trinity Hills project does not impact traffic volumes and commute times for commuters living in surrounding areas. The changes will also provide access to the Trinity Hills development.
These interchange improvements will also eliminate conflict points, increasing safety for all drivers.

Included in the scope of the project are construction of two roadway bridge structures, a pedestrian underpass, and retaining walls. At the same time we will include rehabilitation of existing bridges and related earthworks, roadworks and utility works.

Traffic improvements mean uninterrupted traffic flow for commuters

The improvements to the TransCanada Highway/Sarcee Trail interchange are strategically designed to separate the higher volume ‘regional’ traffic movements from the ‘local traffic’ requiring access to the new development and adjacent communities. This design will allow those using the interchange to drive directly through without being impeded or impacted by the local community traffic.


In response to discussions with the community of Wilson Gardens, regarding the current construction access onto Sarcee Trail – TCH, the project team has made the following improvements:

  • The currently designated community exit location was relocated to the final, ultimate location and allows residents to leave the community without conflicting with vehicles entering the community as of December 2, 2016. The community entrance location will remain in the same location.
  • A deceleration lane has been added to the current ‘U-turn’ on Sarcee to ensure normal flow of traffic is maintained while allowing vehicles to slowly leave the main roadway prior to accessing the turning area.
  • The exit to southbound Sarcee Trail will be closed through the duration of the construction until the roundabout is operational

Updated April 2017


The majority of the interchange work will take place off the existing roadways. This strategy will minimize the need for any full road closures or major detours. We anticipate there may be a need for short duration lane closures and speed reductions as we complete ramp connections and other features throughout the project.
Our goal is to minimize traffic impacts as much as possible.
The TCH-Sarcee Interchange is a joint project between The City of Calgary and Trinity. For continued updates on the project, please sign up for the newsletter below.


Learn more about the planned changes. Download the information session materials here.
Download the TransCanada – Sarcee Interchange Handout here

STAY TUNED to this page for updates on construction progress and traffic interruptions, and sign up for the Trinity Hills newsletter.

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