Jun 21, 2017

Trinity Seeking Land Use Amendments to Better Serve Community

Trinity has submitted a Land Use Redesignation application to amend three separate Trinity Hills Direct Control (DC) Districts.
Requested changes will allow for a seniors facility, overnight pet care, larger-sized restaurants, and modified building setbacks.
Through these housekeeping changes, Trinity is looking at making adjustments to ensure the right amenities are available to serve the residents of Medicine Hill and surrounding communities.
Trinity Hills is the shopping and entertainment area within the Medicine Hill community. This community is zoned a Direct Control District (DCD), which is a customized land use district. They are used where activities were not contemplated by an existing land use district.
Requested amendments focus on adding uses to the DCD, modify building setbacks and include a requirement for commercial use only on building main floors within Trinity Hills.
These changes allow for:

  • A senior’s care facility close to main street retail stores and a supermarket to create an inclusive community.
  • Residential apartments above main street retail.
  • Indoor overnight pet care with no noise or smell impact beyond the walls of the building.

  • Building setbacks so Trinity Hills can create pedestrian friendly shopping experiences similar to 17th Avenue or 4th Street.

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